Frequently Asked Questions


Who can submit an application?

The application has to be submitted by the production company from the country of origin of the project. The production company has to be officially registered. It is not possible for an individual person to submit an application as the fund is not able to grant a contribution to an individual person.

How many projects can be submitted for the same deadline?

Up to 3 projects can be submitted by the same production company for the same deadline. All of them have to fulfill all criterias and be of high quality. It is recommended to submit only the best one.

Which countries are eligible?

Right at the beginning of our regulations, there is a list of all eligible countries.

Are projects coproduced by a broadcast company eligible?

No. Projects that are substantially financed by a broadcast company are not eligible.

How much of the crew have to be from the country of origin?

It is absolutely necessary that the main production company, the film director, the main actors and great part of the technical crew are from the country of origin of the project.

Is beginning of shooting possible after submission of the project?

Beginning of shooting is only possible after the deadline. But it is not necessary to wait with shooting until the results are communicated.

The application arrives after the deadline. Can it still be considered?

All applications must imperatively be sent electronically to visions sud est until 11.59 p.m. (midnight) Swiss local time on the day of the deadline. There are no exceptions. It is up to each applicant to make sure that the application is being sent in time.


Does each document has to be translated into English?

Yes. Principally, each document has to be translated into English. If the official documents are large, an explanation in English is enough. The translation has to be signed by the producder or film director. An officially certified translation is not necessary.

Why is there an error message when uploading a document?

Only documents in pdf or jpg (not: jpeg) format can be uploaded. Trying to upload documents in other formats causes an error message.

How can further documents be uploaded at a later time?

After submitting the online form, a new window opens to upload documents. At the bottom of this window, there is a link which can be copied, saved and used to upload more documents at another time.

Which currency is accepted for budget and financial plan?

The budgets and financial plans have to be sent in EUR, CHF or USD.

What information do you need for budget and financial plan?

The budget has to be as detailed as possible and show the costs of the whole production (pre-production, production, post-production). The financial plan has to list each investor and the amount invested. The total of the budget and of the financial plan have to match. The financial plan has to show clearly which investments are secured and which are still pending. The secured investments have to be proved by documents, signed by the investors and showing clearly the amount in question. The secured part has to be at least 30 % of the whole production costs.

There's not enough space on the online form for the detailed budget or financial plan. What shall I do?

The online form gives a first impression of the project and therefore should only show the most important assets. However, the total should be equal to the total of the budget in the original document.  The original document of the detailed budget and financial plan have to be uploaded .

What exactly does "Note of intention" mean?

The film director explains his/her idea for shooting the film, why a certain subject has been chosen, what is his/her message, maybe a specific location has been chosen which has a special meaning for the film. Everything that helps understand the film and why it is so important to realize the project.

What do you mean by "Detailed estimate of the finishing of the film"?

Actually, this concerns only projects in the stage of postproduction. We would need detailed information about the postproduction schedule.

How do I know if the online form has successfully been sent?

After clicking the button "submit", a message should appear that you have successfully sent the online form.

How can I send all necessary documents?

After you have submitted the online form, a separate window pops up where you can upload all necessary documents and images. You can only upload pdf and jpg files!

I tried to upload documents, but I always receive an error message. What can I do?

You can only upload pdf and jpg files! Maybe you tried to upload a doc file or a file in another format. Make sure that your documents are in the right format and try again. If you still have problems uploading your documents, please send them by e-mail to


Is a rough cut accepted which shows less than 2/3 of the film?

By experience, a rough cut corresponding to 2/3 of the film gives a good impression of the project in postproduction. Therefore, the rough cut should show at least 2/3 of the film. If the rough cut is shorter, it will not be accepted. On another hand, a rough cut with more than 2/3 of the film will be accepted if it is not considerable longer than the final version of the film (e.g. a rough cut of 135mn maximum for a 90mn final film).

About the link

Please send a vimeo link for the rough cut. When preparing the link, make sure that the link stays active and the film can be downloaded for at least 3 months after the deadline. The film must be subtitled in English.


Please print the checklist and make sure you have uploaded all documents that are listed on the checklist.
If important documents are missing in your application, your project will not be eligible and will not be evaluated. You can find the checklist under "Information" at the bottom of point 2.