DAYS OF CANNIBALISM rewarded in Nyon

DAYS OF CANNIBALISM by Teboho Edkins has been awarded the "visions sud est"-prize with the amount of 10'000 Swiss Francs.

The Focus section of this year's festival Visions du Réel in Nyon was dedicated to South Africa. The film project DAYS OF CANNIBALISM by the South African filmmaker Teboho Edkins was awarded the "vision sud est" prize for an amount of 10'000 Swiss Francs. "The jury has decided to award a project that surprised them by the strength of its images. While it is deeply anchored in the South African reality, it opens up another perspective on the issues that small businesses have to face in the 21st century." In addition, within the framework of the FOCUS section, open to the general public, 19 films produced in South Africa have been presented. After seven years Luciano Barrisone is leaving the festival. Emilie Bujès was appointed as his successor.