Winners of the Open Doors Grant at the Locarno Film Festival 2023

This year's Open Doors Grant goes to PANTASMA by Gloria Carrión (NICARAGUA), TRES BALAS by Génesis Valenzuela (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) and DESIDIA by Leandro Grillo (BOLIVIA)

For the second year, Locarno Film Festival dedicated its Open Doors program to Latin American and Caribbean countries.

The Open Doors Grant is a prize offered by the Swiss fund Visions Sud Est (backed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, SDC) together with the City of Bellinzona and Open Doors.

At this year's festival in Locarno, the Open Doors Grant has been given to three projects:

A grant to a value of CHF 25'000 went to PANTASMA by Gloria Carrión, produced by Leonor Zúniga (NICARAGUA)
A grant to a value of CHF 20'000 went to TRES BALAS by Génesis Valenzuela, produced by Wendy P. Espinal (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)
A grant to a value of CHF 5'000 went to DESIDIA by Leandro Grillo, produced by Alejandra Antequera (BOLIVIA)
The Open Doors Grant has a total value of 50’000 Swiss Francs divided into more awards and is funded by three organizations: Open Doors and visions sud est (both supported by the SDC) and the City of Bellinzona. The award is given for development or production of the winning projects – selected among the Open Doors Projects’ Hub.