Regulations visions sud est

Important documents:

I. Legal basis

"visions sud est" is an association ruled by articles 60ff of the Swiss Civil Code.

II. Granting of financial support

Art. 1 Aims

Art. 2 Operating framework

(a) Selection process:
Selected fictional or documentary film projects are submitted to a jury of experts. Projects must be selected unanimously; if necessary, the jury can ask for an independent opinion.

(b) There are two types of financial support:

Art. 3 General requirements for the granting of production support

(a) All financial support will be determined and paid in Swiss francs only.

(b) Each request for financial support must be submitted by the production company according to article 1 above. This request must be signed by the director of the film to attest to his or her approval of the request.

(c) It is compulsory that each applicant provides the following documentation (translated into English) to allow a correct assessment of the quality of the submitted project:

(d) Shooting must start within 18 months following the signature of the contract. In case of exceptional conditions preventing the start of principal photography of the film by the deadline, the beneficiary of the support must ask, in writing, for a deadline extension. Otherwise, the amount granted will be allocated to another project without previous notice. In such a case, the production company is allowed to submit a new application.

(e) On all material of promotion and among the opening and closing credits of the film the following must appear: The logo of the fund, followed by the text "with the support of the SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation)" as well as references to (and logos of) public or private institutions which have contributed to the co-financing of the work. They must be mentioned as financial partners of the project.

(f) Additional conditions for financial participation may be determined on the basis of requests by possible co-producers whom visions sud est might win for further support of the project.

(g) A support agreement is signed between the two parties (the fund and the producer) stating the rights and duties of each of the contracting parties.

(h) A first payment will be paid at the beginning of the shooting (60% of the grant), a second payment is paid when the film is finished (40% of the grant), subject to the proof that the film is completed and the terms of the contract have been honoured.

(i) A second part of the agreement will state the rights for distribution on the Swiss territory and give details regarding the visibility of the film in Switzerland.

Art. 4 Contributing to the production of a documentary or fictional film project

In granting financial support to the production of a documentary or fictional film, visions sud est intends to support small productions or improve production conditions for projects which require larger budgets.

Art. 5 Contributing to the finishing (post-production) of a documentary or fictional film project

(a) In granting financial support for the completion of a documentary or fictional film, visions sud est intends to enable the best possible conditions for the post-production.

(b) All requests for support to the completion of a project already in progress must include all audiovisual elements useful for an evaluation of the project. Each request must therefore include all elements outlined in article 3 (except the screenplay) as well as the following (translated into French or English):

(c) The contribution is limited to a maximum of 20'000 Swiss francs for fictional films and 10'000 Swiss francs for documentary films, and may not exceed the proposed budget.

(d) A first payment is paid upon signature of the agreement (50 % of the grant). The remaining 50% are paid when it is proved that the film is completed and the terms of the contract have been honoured.

III. Possibilities of vision sud est's commitment and applicable law

Art. 6 Possibilities of commitment

(a) visions sud est guarantees to help with the promotion of the movies in the scope of premieres at a festival in Switzerland.

(b) visions sud est freely shares with each supported project its know-how and its contacts to similar European institutions or possible partners for co-production.

Art. 7 Applicable law

The laws of the Swiss Confederation shall govern the interpretation of this regulation. This includes all agreements that are made on the basis of this regulation or its appendices.

Art. 8 Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is Nyon (Canton of Vaud).

Art. 9 Changes of the regulations

All changes in the regulations must be approved by the executive committee of the association visions sud est.